At Yes2Door, we make shipping cases for all shapes and sizes, with daily exports worldwide. From packing invaluable artworks by the likes of Van Gogh to glass items and dangerous goods – we know how to pack.

Just request a specialist export pack, and we will build bespoke shipping crates to protect your goods.

With just 24 hours notice, we can source standard ‘Export Euro Pallet Boxes’ and ‘Standard Shipping Cases’.

We understand that export shipping requires confidence, that’s why we help you understand the differences between shipping via air or sea and the differences for the types of goods being shipped.

For a hassle-free shipment, please contact us asking about our ‘Collect, Pack and Export’ scheme, where we handle the shipment in its entirety – or our ‘Multi-supplier Collation’ solution, designed to meet even the most demanding client export requests.